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Welcome to the Columbus State University Graduate Student Orientation! This orientation was designed to ensure you receive
the information you need to be successful at CSU and to introduce you to the services and programs which are here to serve you as
you pursue your graduate education.

  • There are three wonderful reasons for you to do graduate work at CSU. First, CSU offers exceptional mentorship and
    professional partnerships. You can expect one-on-one interactions with outstanding faculty and a close working relationship
    with your advisor. Moreover, faculty mentors guide you to service, publication, presentation, and research opportunities.

  • Second, CSU offers high-level opportunities for research, service, and teaching. Finally, many of CSU's graduate programs
    offer great flexibility. Many graduate classes in our nationally accredited programs meet in the evenings and some on the
    weekends. We also offer four degrees online so you can take CSU where ever you are in the world!

  • For over 25 years Columbus State University has been offering master's and specialist degrees in 36 areas. You can choose
    from a wide range of graduate programs encompassing business, public administration, health and physical education, and
    leadership, just to name a few. Our purpose is to promote student achievement, research, scholarship, global learning, strategic
    partnerships, and engagement in discovery and practice.

If you are new to the CSU campus or just want a refresher to keep up with all the exciting new changes on campus, check out our
interactive campus map and take a virtual tour of campus!