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Presenting at the Conference

Call for Proposals

Under the broad theme of " Making Connections " a Call for Proposals is issued for the 2018 Dr. Gregory P. Domin Graduate Research Conference at Columbus State University. 

Proposals need not address the selected theme. Graduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to submit their original work for discussion and review.

Visit our Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation pages for more information on the types of presentations that can be made at the conference.

Because this is a multidisciplinary conference, the conference includes a mix of elements used in conferences across disciplinary norms. Conference participants who have attended discipline specific conferences will most likely see components that are unfamiliar, including presentation types, schedules, and events. This is an intentional part of the experience. If you have any questions about anything that may be unfamiliar, do not hesitate to ask!

How do I submit a proposal to present at the conference?

If you are interested in presenting your research at the conference, you must submit a proposal to the conference Chair using the proposal submission link below.   Your will need to submit a 300-400 word Abstract of your research for your proposal.  

Abstracts are included in the conference program.  Presenters can submit a revised abstract after the initial proposal submission.  Instructions on how to submit revised abstracts will be sent by the conference Chair to all registered participants after the registration deadline.  

Theoretical and practical work submitted for consideration may include, but is not limited to, research papers, poster presentations, thesis and dissertation work, case study evaluations, panel presentations of a research topic, and business plans/models. In progress work that has progressed to the point of a completed literature review (or equivalent point) can be considered for presentation.  Arts projects should be submitted as a poster and clarify type and special presentation needs in the comments section.

The deadline for submission is September 14th; acceptances will be offered on a rolling basis with organized panels no later than October 5th.

If you have thesis or dissertation research and are interested in participating in the 3MT® competition , you can sign up through the proposal submission link.  While it is not required that students participate in both the 3MT® competition and the Graduate Research Conference, those working on thesis or dissertation research are encouraged to do so.

*Make sure to correctly identify the Institution where you are a student, and the academic department you study under in your proposal.  Relevant information from the proposal submission will be used in the conference program.

Conference Registration

All students whose proposals are accepted are required to register for the conference no later than September 21st.  The registration cost to participate in the conference is $40 for non-CSU presenters and $20 for CSU presenters.

Students, faculty and guests who attend the conference as audience members at the graduate student or faculty presentations or the 3MT® competition can do so at no cost, and without registering. Any persons interested in attending the whole conference should register to attend and pay the registration fee.


Presentation rooms will be equipped with:

    • Windows desktop computer
    • Data projector
    • Presentation software
    • Internet access
    • Connections for using your own laptop (Mac users need to bring their own adaptor)



If you have any questions regarding the Dr. Gregory P. Domin Graduate Research Conference, please contact Amber Dees at or 706-507-8634.