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Oral Presentations

Because this is a multidisciplinary conference, the conference includes a mix of elements used in conferences across disciplinary norms. Conference participants who have attended discipline specific conferences will most likely see components that are unfamiliar, including presentation types, schedules, and events. This is an intentional part of the experience. If you have any questions about anything that may be unfamiliar, do not hesitate to ask!

Students who choose to make an Oral Presentation at the Graduate Research Conference will be arranged into panels of three to five presenters. Each presenter will prepare in advance a 15 minute talk on their paper, research, thesis, etc.  The Conference Chair will arrange oral presentations into panels based on topic, theme, and/or discipline with a focus on encouraging debate, discussion, and potential collaboration.  Panel participants to not need to coordinate their presentations with each other.

On the day of the conference, the presenters will sit at the presentation table at the front of the room with the Panel Moderator. Each member of the panel will be introduced by the Panel Moderator, and then talk about their research. Presentations are best if made in such a way as to be understood by an academic lay person.

Students may sit at the presenter's table or stand at the front of the room while they present depending on what they are most comfortable with.  There is equipment in each room to allow for Power Point/Prezi presentations if you would like to include one, but it is not required.  Once all panel members have presented, the floor will be opened to audience comments and questions.

Oral Presenters should

    • Register to attend the Graduate Research Conference by the registration deadline.
    • Prepare a short presentation of the research for the panel discussion. (Approximately 15 min)
      • Refrain from indulging in extensive discussion of methods, statistics, and/or literature.
      • Refrain from reading large sections of papers.
    • Submit a copy of their Power Point presentation, if applicable, by the deadline communicated by the Conference Chair.
    • Have available, as appropriate, some copies of the paper to hand out to interested audience members after the talk.
    • Arrive at the panel at least 5 minutes early to set up, and to introduce yourself to the panel moderator and other panel members.
    • Presenters should all have a seat at the table in the front of the room.
    • Accept the comments of the audience as constructive.
      • Refrain from indulging in ideological discussions of policy with the audience.

If you have any questions regarding the Dr. Gregory P. Domin Graduate Research Conference, please contact Amber Dees at .

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