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Dr. Gregory P. Domin Graduate Research Conference

Dr. Gregory P. Domin Graduate Research Conference

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The Dr. Gregory P. Domin Graduate Research Conference (Domin Conference) is an Interdisciplinary conference that affords Graduate students from across the U.S. an opportunity to present their research amongst peers in an open and relaxed atmosphere. 

Imp dates

The goal of the Conference is to encourage the free flow of ideas and knowledge across a broad spectrum of subjects in order to initiate new thought processes and methods for dealing with the issues facing the world today.

The Domin Conference is hosted on the Main Campus of Columbus State University at the Cunningham Conference Center in Columbus, GA.

Call for Proposals

Under the broad theme of “Collaborate for Change" a Call for Proposals  to the 2015 Dr. Gregory P. Domin Graduate Research Conference at Columbus State University is issued. The rise of globalization, changing environmental factors, and rapid dissemination of information and increased interconnectivity has drastically changed the dynamic of everyday existence. What challenges will we face in this new world as a result of the ever-growing rise and distribution of technology, increased spread of culture and ideas, and strains on existing infrastructure and resources?  


Proposals need not address the selected theme. Graduate students from all disciplines are encouraged to submit their original work for discussion and review. The Conference Chair will arrange accepted Paper proposals into panels based on topic and/or discipline with a focus on encouraging debate, discussion, and potential collaboration. Posters presentations will occur all together in an open session to foster discussion and potential collaboration. 

To submit a paper or poster for presentation at the conference, click on the "Submit Proposal for Conference" link on the left of the page. Arts projects should be submitted as a poster and clarify type and special presentation needs in the comments section. Theoretical and practical work submitted for consideration may include, but is not limited to, research papers, poster presentations, thesis and dissertation work, case study evaluations, panel presentations of a research topic, and business plans/models.  The deadline for submission is October 2, 2015; acceptances will be offered on a rolling basis with organized panels no later than October 16, 2015.

Conference Registration

The registration cost to participate in the conference is $45. All students who's presentation/ paper proposals are accepted are required to register for the conference no later than October 9th.

Students, faculty and guests who attend the conference as audience members of the graduate student panel/poster presentations can do so at no cost, and with out registering.  Any persons interested in attending the whole day, or in participating in the plenary or keynote session and lunch, should register to attend.

To register to attend the conference, click on the "Register to Attend" link on the left.

Conference Events

The Domin Conference involves events spread over two days. Join us the evening of the 4th at the Cunningham Center for our official Conference Reception and Opening Session. Get to know and network with the other conference attendees and our Conference Sponsors in a relaxed and engaging setting.  All Presenters, Sponsors, and Participants are invited to attend.  The conference presentations and plenary session(s) will be on Thursday, November 5th.  Presenters are encouraged to attend panels and sessions through out the day in order to get the full benefit of the conference. 

Check out our Conference Details page for information on the Conference format, responsibilities of the presenters, and hotel and travel details.

If you have additional questions regarding the 2015 Dr. Gregory P. Domin Graduate Research Conference, please contact Amber Dees at or 706-507-8634.